Meditation FAQ

Is It Better to Meditate in the Morning or at Night?

Right after waking up or just before going to bed, which is the best time to practice meditation? Read the article to learn about the benefits of both.

Meditation vs. Relaxation Techniques: What’s the Difference?

Relaxation techniques may look similar to meditation, but there's a big difference. Learn the similarities and differences between meditation and relaxation.

How to Use Meditation to Stop Drinking

Alcohol addiction is very harmful and dangerously common, but meditation can help you overcome it. Read to learn how meditation helps sobriety.

Can You Meditate Lying Down?

Sitting down is the go-to posture for meditation, but your back is straight even when you lie down on the floor. Does that mean it is okay to meditate lying down?

What Happens When You Meditate Every Day for 21 Days?

The benefits of meditation start showing up in a few weeks. Discover how meditating for 21 days benefits you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Does Meditation Improve Your Confidence?

Meditation has many amazing benefits, but does it also improve our confidence and self-esteem? Discover the link between meditation and real confidence.

Does Meditation Improve Blood Circulation?

Read the article to learn how regular meditation improves blood circulation in the body and how you can practice meditation for blood circulation.

How Meditation Increases Your Concentration

Wondering how meditation improves your concentration? Read to understand the science behind it and two techniques to get started with meditation.

Does Meditation Help With ADHD?

Various scientific studies reveal the effects of mindfulness for ADHD. Read the article to learn how meditation helps with ADHD and tips to meditate if you have ADHD.
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