Meditation FAQ

Should You Meditate Before or After Drinking Coffee?

Both morning coffee and meditation help us kick-start the day. But which one should you do first? Should you meditate before or after coffee?

Is Meditation a Religious Practice?

Meditation has been closely associated with religion for centuries. Read to discover if meditation is just a religious practice or something more.

Is Meditation Overrated?

Are the widely touted benefits of meditation true? Does the lack of compelling research indicate that meditation is just overrated? Read to discover.

What Is the True Purpose of Meditation?

Meditation has many benefits, but what's the ultimate goal of it? Read to discover the true purpose of meditation according to Hinduism and Buddhism.

What Should You Think About When Meditating?

Do we have to think about something when meditating or stop all thoughts? Read the article to discover what to do with your mind during meditation.

Meditating on the Floor vs. on a Chair: Which Is Better?

Is it okay to meditate sitting on a chair or do you have to sit cross-legged on the ground? Discover the difference between the two and what's best for you.

Are Meditation and Prayer the Same?

Are meditation practices and prayers the same thing or is there a difference? Find out what they mean and how they differ by reading this article.

What Is the Purpose of Mantra During Meditation?

How do mantras affect your spiritual progress? How do they work? Should you chant mantras? Read to discover the purpose of mantra during meditation.

Should You Meditate Before or After A Shower?

Both meditation & shower help start our day in the best mood. But what should we do first? Meditate first thing in the morning or after taking a shower?
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