Mental Noting Technique: What It Is and How to Use It

Thoughts are the biggest hindrance to mindfulness. Read to earn how to use the mental noting technique to let go of thoughts and stay mindful.

Does Meditation Improve Your Confidence?

Meditation has many amazing benefits, but does it also improve our confidence and self-esteem? Discover the link between meditation and real confidence.

Gong Meditation: Meaning, History, and Benefits

Gong meditation is a wonderful way to let go of stress and experience relaxation. Read the article to learn where it came from and how it benefits you.

Meditation for Seniors (Easy Techniques & Benefits)

Meditation offers various benefits for people of all ages. Read to learn the benefits of meditation for older adults and easy meditation techniques for seniors.

Does Meditation Improve Blood Circulation?

Read the article to learn how regular meditation improves blood circulation in the body and how you can practice meditation for blood circulation.

Tonglen Meditation: What It Is and How to Practice

Read the article to learn everything you need to know about Tonglen meditation: what it is, what are its benefits, and why you should practice it.

How Meditation Increases Your Concentration

Wondering how meditation improves your concentration? Read to understand the science behind it and two techniques to get started with meditation.

Does Meditation Help With ADHD?

Various scientific studies reveal the effects of mindfulness for ADHD. Read the article to learn how meditation helps with ADHD and tips to meditate if you have ADHD.

Does Meditation Help Reduce Anger?

Meditation is supposed to make us calm and composed. Does it also reduce our anger? How can we use meditation to stop getting angry all the time?
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