What Is the Best Position for Meditation?

Correct posture is crucial in meditation. Read to learn the best position to meditate, how it benefits you, and four alternative ways to sit.

Are Meditation Apps Worth It?

The market is full of mindfulness apps claiming to improve your mental health, but are meditation apps worth it? Do they really work?

9 Short-Term Benefits of Meditation

It only takes a few days to feel the effects of mindfulness.. Learn the short-term or immediate benefits of meditation for inspiration to start meditating.

5 Long-Term Benefits of Meditation

What are the long-term benefits of meditation? What will happen if I keep meditating for years? Read to learn the benefits of meditating for hours.

Why Should You Practice Mindfulness Meditation?

Learn about the practical benefits of meditation, how it helps you progress spiritually, and why you should practice mindfulness daily.

Meditation Definition: What Is Meditation & Why Practice It?

There are lots of misconceptions regarding the practice of meditation. Read to learn what meditation really means and why you should practice it.

Meditation Posture: A Complete Illustrated Guide

Read the article to learn the fundamentals of sitting meditation posture and the various ways to sit cross-legged for meditation practice..

How to Sit Longer in Meditation—6 Practical Tips

How do we sit in meditation for longer periods? Read to discover six practical tips for increasing your meditation time and reducing pain and numbness.

Why Is Posture Important in Meditation?

Why do we have to sit on the ground, cross our legs, and keep our back straight? Read to learn about the importance of body posture in meditation.
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