What is Meditation Sphere?

Ever since the West got introduced to meditation and spirituality, these life-changing tools have been gradually contaminated. Mumbo jumbo (in the name of Kundalini, for example) and activities with no spiritual significance (like orgasmic meditation) have entered and occupied the minds of “spiritual” people.
Meditation Sphere is an attempt to change that. It’s a platform dedicated to spreading the science of meditation and ancient spirituality. The articles you’ll find here have been carefully researched to avoid giving unscientific or illogical information.
With that said, we don’t dismiss anything and everything here; we take the good and weed out what’s unnecessary. Meditation Sphere tries to keep things simple, factual, and gibberish-free.
Now, if you have no interest in spirituality and only want to use meditation as a therapeutic exercise, that’s fine. You can also find articles that discuss how to use meditation to improve different aspects of your life. Remember though, the physical and mental benefits are only the by-products of meditation. It has deep spiritual basis, so it would be best if it’s used as a tool to help you transform your life, and not just a feel-good activity.
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